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Whether it’s for an event or just an excuse to experiment in the kitchen, there are endless recipes you can create year-round using your favorite Girl Scout Cookies!

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Caramel deLites® Dark Pretzel Bark

Shake up the tastes of caramel and coconut by adding pretzels and dark chocolate to the mix.

Lemonades® Truffles

Be prepared for any party with Lemonades® truffles.

Thin Mints® Ice Cream Sandwiches

The simple combination of Thin Mints® cookies and ice cream really is the coolest thing for the summer.

Adventurefuls® Cheesecake Bites

Indulge in these delicious cheesecake bites, featuring this caramel, brownie inspired Girl Scout Cookie!

Lemon Strawberry Shortcake Yogurt Popsicles

Your troop will have a berry good time with these shortbread popsicles.

Toast-Yay!® Cheesecake

Enjoy this rich cheesecake evolution of the cookie treat.

Caramel Chocolate Chip Banana Milkshake

Blend banana with caramel and chocolate for an unbeatable shake.

Peanut Butter Patties® Caramel Turtles

Transform cookies into tasty turtles with caramel and pecans.

We’re proud to be one of the oldest licensed Girl Scout Cookie baker in the United States. Since 1937, we have empowered and supported the nation’s largest girl-led entrepreneurship program, helping provide girls with a program that teaches them essential life skills and creates amazing, year-round experiences powered by cookies.